lightning fast production & automation

Live frame-based transcoding, packaging and encryption, with workflow automation.


frame-based ENCODING

Our patent-pending transcoding solution called SYNCFLOW uniquely works frame-by-frame, with a synchronous flow-through architecture. It delivers the highest video quality and encoding performance, on-premise or in the cloud.



TRUELIVE supports all the leading DRM schemes, including AES-128, PlayReady and Widevine. It also supports end-user authentication.

automated workflows

TRUELIVE enables program start/stop, availability scheduling and geo-blackout content source switching. It integrates with automation workflows for content and ad replacement. 


restful API

Integrate with existing media flows via a comprehensive RESTFUL API. 



FCC-compliant closed captioning support via WebVTT, as well as secondary audio programming (SAP). 



Supports all the leading input and output formats including: 

INPUT: ASI, Elementary streams, GXF, UDP, RTP, HLS, RTMP, MPEG-TS

OUTPUT: HLS HTTP Live Streaming IETF (Pentos), H.264 video, HE-AAC audio

TRUELIVE is also MPEG-DASH and H.265/HEVC ready.